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Past Events

James Beard

Cultural Collaboration

The James Beard Foundation extended an invitation to the UGK chefs showcasing their culinary skills at the James Beard House. 


Chefs crafted a menu celebrating their diverse cultural backgrounds, resulting in a fusion of distinctive flavors and innovative techniques. The dishes showcased the depth and richness of their culinary traditions, a celebration of diversity and inclusivity in the culinary world, marking a historic moment for the industry.

James Beard Menu
James Beard
UGK Diiner with Black Winemakers
Conversation with
Valerie Cassel Oliver
Curator of Modern Art & Contemporary Art
The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Dinner conversation with Valerie Cassel Oliver, a renowned curator and writer with extensive knowledge of African American art and culture, spoke passionately about the various Freedom Trails across the United States, significant landmarks to the history of the civil rights movement and the struggle for racial equality. Valerie shared insights into some of the most well-known Freedom Trails,  providing a rich and engaging discussion about their importance and impact on American society.

UGK Virtual Cooking Class Jack and Jill Brooklyn
Black Winemakers
Kumusha Wines

Six course menu complemented Kumusha's wines and featured locally-sourced ingredients that are significant to the Olifants River Region of South Africa, where the winery is situated. Each wine course,  meticulously selected to enhance the flavors of the dish and savor the intricate layers of each vintage. An exceptional culinary experience showcasing the best of the region's cuisine and wines.

UGK Dinner Valerie Cassel Oliver
Black Family Dinner
Virtual Cooking Class
Jack and Jill of America Brooklyn, NY

"Black Family Dinner" virtual cooking classes celebrate the tradition of black family dinners. Our UGK chef teaches participants how to make culturally significant dishes that have been passed down through generations. The virtual format allows families to participate from anywhere in the world and connect with others. By participating in these classes, families can honor the legacy of these dinners and continue the tradition for years to come. These classes provide an opportunity to learn new skills and pass down traditions through food.

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