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The Underground Kitchen Hosts Chandelier Dinners in the Middle of the Forest

Lydia Greene

Feb 1, 2022

As any foodie knows, a dish is much more than just a collection of ingredients and a cooking method.

As any foodie knows, a dish is much more than just a collection of ingredients and a cooking method. Every ingredient and meal holds a wealth of rich history and cultural influences that have combined to bring the meal to where it is today. In The Underground Kitchen, dining is about far more than just eating a meal, but is instead a multifaceted dining experience that opens clients' palettes and worlds.The Underground Kitchen brings this to guests with its elaborate and mysterious events. With a focus on experiential dining, each dinner party or pop-up event is full of incredible food, beautiful decorations, local ingredients and a curated atmosphere. The mission of UGK is to connect people with food and provide a unique, unforgettable experience for diners.UGK also strives to celebrate diversity and educate people about the dishes on their plates and the ingredients they contain. To achieve this, the Underground Kitchen teaches guests about the unique background of the chefs who have cooked their meals, along with explaining where the ingredients have come from.

This experiential dining consists of four to seven-course meals designed by emerging chefs. To keep the mystery and intrigue alive, the locations of the events aren't revealed until 48 hours before the event. To stick with the theme of creativity and intrigue, no two events are the same, and each event is an otherworldly experience that's so much more than simply eating a meal.

As founder Micheal Sparks explains "We turn alleyways into little Italy. We hang chandeliers in the middle of the forest with a beautiful dinner setting...people give us their beautiful mansions." From the middle of the forest to the Smithsonian, the locations of The Underground Kitchen are just another unique aspect of the experience.

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